Mind-Shocking Truth Behind your Fancy Jeans


Mind-Shocking Truth Behind your Fancy Jeans
On the environmental pollution saying "No"

This is Town in GuangZhou China. Most of the jeans are made by this town

According to the government stastic, Xintang Town made 2.6billion jeans. It
is about 60% national total manufactured.
Also it is 40% national exporting quantity to UK, Russia & USA

Everyone in this town are doing the sewing and handling job for the jeans in
crude enviroment

Alot of child & women are doing the sewing job for family and making Fifteen
Cent per jeans. They roughly sewing 200 jeans per day.

The Green Peace employee was making research the river near the factory. The
sewage is not more just waste and water.
It is 100% poisonous to human and animal.

Every job opening is about manufacturing jeans.

The river is stuffed with trash and wastes. Every time is different color.

The river is not drinkable, washable, only to have poisonous big mosquitoes

However, it is the only business that make the town survive. Here is the
dying factory.

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