8/20/12 Daily Deals: Smart Style Hair Salon ( Inside Walmarts) $7.99 Coupon for Haircuts

Smart Style Hair Salon ( Inside Walmarts) $7.99 Coupon for Haircuts

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SmartStyle Coupon-a-thon Banner
this is a great deal on a lease for someone that drives <10k miles a year. 18 months is a pretty short term. If you are good with math you can figure out the MF (money factor) and residual (78% by my calculation), which are good values. This vehicle has a ~$45k MSRP
2012 Infiniti G37x with Navigation

All wheel drive
Leather Interior
Rear View Camera
Rear Parking Sensors
Heated seats
Intelligent Key with Push button start
XM Radio
328 HP V6

All Colors and Options available

Leasing Done through Infiniti Financial

Add $700 bank fee, local sales tax and DMV fees. (came out to $1900 for me with first month payment)

Includes 10k miles per year (other mileage options are available).

Legend is a great broker to go through. They are located in the Northeast (NJ I think?), but will ship the car just about anywhere for delivery (+$650 fee however). I instead used Legend as a comparable, went to my local Infiniti dealer and they matched the deal.


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